05.2019 • peeragora • BETA 0.9.8

Who? What? How? And why? Answers concerning peeragora and the usage of our marketplace.

How to install peeragora?

Here you will find a step by step instruction on how to install peeragora on your (shared-)webhosting provider.

  1. Download the latest peeragora archive from https://peeragora.org/en/download and extract it
  2. Log into your hosting providers administration panel and create a new MySQL-Database. (You can use an existing database if you used all your available ones as well but please use a unique prefix in the config in that case)
  3. Open the file config.sample.php in your favorite text editor.

    (You will find it in the folder you extracted just moments ago)

    Change the following section with the credentials of the database you created before.

    'database' => array(
    'name' => 'databasename',
    'user' => 'username',
    'password' => 'password',
    'server' => 'localhost',

  4. Rename the file from config.sample.php to config.php.
  5. Upload all the files via FTP to your webhost root directory.
  6. Open up the "public" folder with your FTP program and change the "File permissions" of the "data" folder with a right mouse click to "755" and make sure you have "Recurse into subdirectories" active.
  7. Type your domain name into your browser and hit enter. The peeragora installation page should appear.
  8. Here you create the most valuable user on your platform so choose the credentials wisely. Once your done click on "install now"
  9. After a few seconds your new marketplace is ready and you can log in to configure it further.