05.2019 • peeragora • BETA 0.9.8

peeragora is a lightweight, opensource[MIT] php-software
build for setting up a virtual, local marketplace
to trade or exchange goods with friends&neighbours
and connect to other marketplaces nearby.

Features of the trading platform

Action speaks louder than words: try peeragora

If you want to see peeragora live and try it out, please visit http://try.peeragora.org.

You can log in with the
username heinz
and the
passwort heinz2345

Please notice, the administrator-functionality is deactivated in the trial instance. You may test peeragora with a normal user account though.

BETA 0.9.8 "Samarkant"

Do you like what you see? Click on the button below and download your peeragora instance.
download peeragora

one click installation

After you downloaded the peeragora.zip file, unzip it, change the information in the config.sample.php file, upload it to your webspace and open it in your browser.
Create your administrator account and click on install. All done.

feedback? improvements? co-operation?

As you can see this webpage is still under construction, so we can't offer you any FAQ or forum at this moment.
We are looking forward to receiving an email via from you though.